Telus Router Login, Username and Password, Reset Instructions

The TELUS Wi-Fi Smart technology does everything for you, hence you never need to raise a finger. By allowing TELUS Wi-Fi Smart technology, you may no longer find your individual 5G or 2.4G networks, as now they may act as one combined networks.


Your twin networks may however be working, still Smart TELUS Wi-Fi technology lets your modem to mechanically switch your tools between the 5 GHz & 2.4 GHz frequencies. This feature offers the top frequency for all devices at any specified time.
So as to upgrading to Smart Wi-Fi, you should initially check that you have an Innovative Wi-Fi modem. If the modem sticker shows “Wi-Fi TELUS Modem -,” then you are prepared to allow Smart Wi-Fi.

Steps to reset your Advanced Wi-Fi modem

  1. The simplest way to authorize Smart Wi-Fi is to reset the Advanced Wi-Fi modem. Find how to reset the machine.
  2. Remember To reset your modem will revert to modified networks name & password to the default networks user & password on the gadget sticker.
  3. If you are incompetent to reset the modem Advanced Wi-Fi or want to keep the routine settings simply use the Modem User interfaced specified below:

Modem User Interface Technique

  1. Visit the browser from the gadget
  2. In the Address field enter & hit enter. This takes you to the Advanced Wi-Fi modem home screen.
  3. There will be an choice in the upper right hand corner to “Log in to do modifications to the modem settings”
  4. Insert the Admin user & password. If you don’t have a user & password, use the default IDs on the black mark placed near the foot of the modem. If these don’t work, just use the reset technique.
  5. When logged in, press on the icon Wireless Setup near to the topmost of the page
  6. In the left side menu on the screen, press Smart Steering
    Reset the Telus wireless router with a sharp tiny object like needle, pin, or toothpick hit & hold the reset key for thirty seconds till the Internet light becomes red. Leave the reset key.
  7. Your modem TELUS will automatically restart.
    By plugging it in to the ONT instead of the Telus modem you may use your own router.
  8. If you have Optic TV the setup boxes will yet require to be linked to the Telus supplied by modem as they need the multicast performance & probabilities are the router doesn’t support that.

Telus Router Username & Password