TRENDnet Router Login, Username and Password, Reset Instructions

Majority of Trend-net routers include a default IP address of 192.168. 10.1. You might even go thru the guidelines on how to discover your TRENDnet IP router if you are linked to the network of router.


Every routers has two IP addresses: an External IP Address, plus an Internal IP Address. If you wish configuring your router you have to join your Internal IP Address with the web browser. If you don’t know Internal IP Address of your routers you just follow the instructions.
Attempt each known TRENDnet default IP addresses. Abide by your Routers Internal IP Address Manual.

To login to the TRENDnet router & alter the settings, you just abide by these steps:

  1. Ensure you are attached to the network of the router, whichever with Wi-Fi or Ethernet cables.
  2. Visit the browser & open You must be urged to write login details.
  3. Write the admin as username and admin as the password
    Remember: If already you have modified the password enter that instead.
  4. Now you will be logged in. If you have not still modified the default password, it is recommended that you alter it initially & then login.
  5. If the guidelines don’t work out for your router, you may anytime try doing a factory reset for getting the default, or attempt few other regular TRENDnet IDs, as they might mostly be shared amongst makes/ options.

You can reset the TRENDnet router in the following ways:

  1. With the reset key
  2. Just plug in the unit and power on
  3. Click & press the reset key for 10 secs (use a object or a pin)
  4. Await as the router is reboot
    The 30-30-30 resetting
    If the instructions above don’t work you may always attempt the reset 30-30-30 as below:
    Once router is switch on, push the reset key plus hold for 20 secs. After holding the reset key is pushed, disconnect the router power key & hold the reset key for 20 secs
    However still pressing the reset key down, switch on again the power to the unit & for more 30 secs hold.
    This method normally works to reset any router to its factory settings.
    Advice: It is better to read more on how to reset routers with the reset 30 30 30 & what the dangers & considerations are while resetting the router this manner, rather than simply rebooting it.

TRENDnet Router Username & Password