Atlantis Land Router Login, Username and Password, Reset Instructions

The Atlantis-Land includes a web interface to configure. You may use any web browser you want to login to the Atlantis-Land. Login to the Router by use of Internet Explorer.


login to an router in 3 simple steps:

  1. Find the IP Address Atlantis-Land Router.
  2. Write the Atlantis Land Router IP Address in the Internet Browser’s Address field.
  3. Enter the Atlantis Land Router User as well as Password after impelled by the Router.

Solutions to Login issues

If you can’t login into the router, here are some workable ways you may attempt.

  1. Enter Atlantis-Land Internal IP Address
  2. Submit the Internal IP Address of the Atlantis-Land in the Address Bar field of the web browser.
  3. Now click the Enter button on the keyboard. You must find a dialog box come up requesting for your Atlantis-Land name & password.
  4. Atlantis-Land A02-RA243-W54M Default Username and Password
  5. You require knowing the usernames as well as passwords to login into the Atlantis-Land. Enter the default username & password

Atlantis-Land Password Does not work

  • You must attempt more Atlantis-Land passwords. You can find a big list of Atlantis-Land Passwords. Possibly the default password of the router is different than what is listed.
  • Forgot Passwords to Atlantis-Land Router
  • If the ISP Internet Service Provider provided you with the router then you may wish trying give them a call & find if they either have knowledge of what the router’s user & passwords are, or perhaps you can reset it.
  • Reset the Atlantis-Land Router to Default Settings
  • still if you can’t get logged in then you are perhaps needed to reset your router to its default setting. You might need to follow the guidelines on:

How to Reset the Router.

  1. Alter Atlantis Land Default Wi-Fi name (SSID) & Password & allow Network Encryption
  2. One more small recommendation as it has no impact on security, is to alter the Atlantis-Land Default Wi-Fi name SSID as it will make it further evident for others to understand what networks they are joining to.
    • Search for – Interface Setups seen in the list of option bar at the top of web-page & hit on it.
    • Search for – Wireless shown in the list of option bar at the top of web-page & hit on it.
    After you write the name of your network, you must enable encryption on the Atlantis-Land router. That’s the best encryption standards offered for house networks.

Atlantis Land Router Username & Password