Bticino Router Login, Username and Password, Reset Instructions

Routers are an essential part of your residence or official networks because they are liable for a great part of your network protection.All routers include two IP address: one is Internal IP Address, whereas the other is External IP Address. If you aspire to configure the router you should link to the Internal IP Address with a web browser.


To login into some brand of bticiano, you require router IP, user ID as well as router passwords. Complete data& other, is by this time specified in Bticino router handbooks still if you have misplaced your handbooks or you don’t have schedule to read it & require an instant fix then understand below.

List of Bticino Router Login IPs

Bticino Router Usernames as well as Passwords

From the above given methods, if you have discovered the accurate IP, then submit it into the browser for accessing the admin panel. A screen may emerge. It’s will ask for login IDs.

Approach No. 1: Attempt these Usernames as well as Passwords

Frequently individuals from all over the globe have intermittently informed us on login IDs which almost certainly work for them. With tolerance, attempt that pertains to the Bticino model.

Attempt these most accepted usernames as well as passwords combinations, Bticino factory by default tends to use.

Approach No. 2: If above IDs do not work, simply search closely on your Bticino router any sticker on it.

router sticker

They are default IDs-for your gadget. Use them, they will work if you have not amended them in the past.

Approach No. 3: If you tried all but still nothing works.

The basic trick in this situation is to reset the router. Simply search fora small key like beneath placed inside. Click it with a pin or tooth pick for ten secs & restart the machine & return to above approach No. 2. And now you are all set.

Setup Handbooks for all Models of Bticino Routers

Fortunately, we have gathered list of router setup & configurations handbook/booklets in Bticino routers.