Huawei Router Login, Username and Password, Reset Instructions

The Huawei router is a toll on the network which is attached joining all of the internal network tools with your ISP. Routers are a crucial part of your house or workplace networks as they are in charge for a great part of the network security, to pass all of the information in & out the networks, and repeatedly attaching to your wireless tools. Consider the routers as the heart of your house or workplace networks.


Steps to Login to Huawei Router

The web interface in Huawei router is the control panel for router where all the settings are changed & stored. To bring about modifications to your networks you’ll have to login to the router.
Below are guidelines to hook up to the Huawei interface of router for diagnostics plus configuration.

  1. Verify that you are attached to the Huawei router
    For reaching the setup pages of the Huawei router, you’ll have to be attached to the network.
    Therefore begin by linking to the network, either via WiFi or by Ethernet cables.
  2. Visit the web browser & navigate to
    Go to the web browser & enter the IP address of router in the address bar. The most regular IP in Huawei router is: if this IP address is not working, you may look for the default IP address list of Huawei for the exclusive label.
    Capture the IP in the address bar & push go
  3. Capture your Huawei router username and passwords
    Write your existing usernames plus password in their field, and push enter / log in.

Configure your router

  1. After you have logged into the interface of router admin you can modify the settings which are available.
  2. Be vigilant after you configure the router so as to you don’t interrupt the network.
    Advice: Note down your existing settings ahead of modifying something so that you may go back it in case of error.
  3. If your router or networks discontinues to work after the configuration has changed, you may always return to zero by obeying the basic 30 30 30 reset hard trick.
    If you are hesitant on how to change few settings you may go thru the user booklets of your router, simply obtain your particular router from the list & you’ll even obtain the booklets for that brands. To detect which router make you own, you need to verify the brand that is normally observed at the rear of the router or below it.

Huawei Router Username and Password

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