What is SSID & how it is used in Wi-Fi networks?

Compared to standard wired networks, where you simply require placing cable in network adapter & capture IP addresses, in wireless networks arrange even an easy house networks segment is additional complex. One of the most prevalent queries is “What is SSID & how it could be used for?” SSID is short form of Service Set Identifier. If easy words, this means “Wireless networks name”. Why do we require it? All devices that need to connect, should see all existing networks in their frequency range, as wireless channels cannot be separated from one another. Therefore, to find right wireless networks among all networks in the list, just use the SSID in the networks.

At the moment, there are few requirements as soon as you provide name to the network:

SSID should be made up of Latin alphabet’s letters as well as numbers. There need to be few spaces & specific symbols, still you are asked to use hyphens & underscores. Use of Cyrillic alphabets is not acceptable.

In one frequency range there must not be alike SSIDs. Although they have the similar kind of encryption, to switch one access point to another may give failed confirmation. Incidentally, most of contemporary routers may work with numerous wireless networks. It’s very accessible if you wish to make wireless network particularly for friends, neighbors’ & with them share your Internet without giving them access to the house wireless networks. It is offered by technology Multi Broadcast Service Set Identifier MBSSID.

Depends on the model, wireless router may have in excess of 2 extra wireless networks on the similar physical wireless module.

How to alter Wi-Fi network SSID?

It’s not hard to alter name of network, so let’s find out how to do it. Initially, you must input web-interface of your router. Majority of the routers uses IP as default address & “admin” as password & login. There are little exclusion. After you enter there will be “Basic settings” where will see SSID or Networks name bar.

Simply delete old names & write latest. Don’t fail to recall saving amends or recent SSID would be work just for initial rebooting of the router & then it would be altered on old once more.

How to cover SSID & make your network hidden?

There are several circumstances once for rising security levels of the network it’s suggested for users to conceal SSID of access points from various gadgets. It may be done by inserting right tick in the router’s setting. If you conceal the SSID by inserting right ticket in router setting, your wireless networks will be invisible in the frequency range.